Predicting Corporate Distress and Bankruptcy: A Case of Dewan Housing

Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL) 

(Now Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Limited-Piramal Group) 

*Authors: Shir Mohammad Omid,  


Corporate is separate legal entity made from the corpus which is contribution of many. The present scenario of corporate frauds and failures put a challenge on the definition of corporate. The scene of corporate is witnessing frauds. It makes one curious to find as to what is happening as far as working of corporate technically called “artificial legal person” is concerned! Similarly; in this paper an attempt has been made to assess the financials of the under study company DHFL spanning five years from the financial year 2015 till 2020 using its published accounts. 

Keywords: Distress; Altman’s Z-Score; Corporate; Bankruptcy 

*Shir Mohammad Omid, Student, Master of Business Administration, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Email: [email protected]



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